"While offering a strong workout, Ash’s classes also allow me time in the week to recharge. I come out feeling physically and mentally refreshed. You can feel the love in her work - she brings together her knowledge of pilates and the body, her creativity, and her personal and professional experiences - to make for something truly unique and restorative. Above all - the genuine warmth and energy that she offers each class, and each client - is powerful, compelling, and unparalleled."


- GEN 

“Ashlee’s classes are a perfect workout. She is great with technical advice for each individual body type or injury and the playlist is always fun!”


 - MEL

"A very sweaty class, such an amazing all body workout! Pilates class with Ash is one of my favourite times of the week."



"Ashlee is an incredible instructor, not only does she put together a great class the beats she plays are so addictive! She always takes the time to understand your body, and proactively provides alternative options with every class so I can keep fit and have fun. I would highly recommend a class with her!"



“From Mat Pilates to HIIT and personal one on one sessions, Ash is a superstar and made this first timer feel super comfortable and confident to go back for more!”


"Ashlee's classes are seriously next level. They are so fun and energizing, she seriously makes me look forward to working out. She has the best style and I know I can trust her workouts because she has so much experience in teaching Pilates and she looks pretty damn incredible herself so I'll take that!"



"Ash is my favourite Pilates instructor (instructor in general)! Training with Ash will teach you all the basics that you need to build strength and she will continue to challenge you as you go, all while being super fun! Her classes have taught me an entire sense of mind-body connection I didn’t know was possible. I leave every class feeling strong, balanced and empowered! You couldn’t ask for a better instructor."



I've been coached by Ash for 10 years now and I have not only learnt so much, but she has helped me reach countless goals and so much more. Her teaching style is personal and she really makes classes so much fun. 



“The best 50 mins of my week! Always greeted by a friendly face and a killer soundtrack to get your ass in perfect shape 👌🏼”



"Being an aspiring circus artist, I was searching for a Pilates instructor who could assist me in my training. Ash is a miracle worker who helped me in preventing injuries and I truly believe I am injury free thanks to her. Plus with her experience in the circus world, she immediately understood the exact training methods to ensure the best results."



"Ash introduced me to the world of movement in the body with her Pilates classes and the practice of stretch to recover the body. 


I had started taking her classes with no real understanding of Pilates, Stretch, or even her Barre classes. I’ve been going to her classes for 2 years now and truly value the movement and practice. It has taught me about alignment in the body, as well as the mind, and the use of our breath through movements done in class. 


I recently had a baby and up till birth I was seeing Ash. The breathing techniques truly assisted me in remaining calm and trusting my body to do its thing! I honestly believe it made me stronger minded and gave me the strength to power through contractions with the breathing methods and movement in the body. 


Thank you Ash for your love and support during my pregnancy and pre-pregnancy too! 


I adore Ash and her teaching style and can honestly say you won’t be disappointed. Your body and mind will thank you!"



Ash is always enthusiastic and passionate about her work in every class she does, which truly inspires me and encourages me to feel the same. 

Ashlee’s classes are always the most exciting part of my day. So much fun!!



" The energy ash brings to her classes is like iced cold lemonade on a warm summer’s day. Or like warm cinnamon milk on a winter’s evening."


​- Ollie

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